Colonel Michael Nourse, 1778-1860

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My Great-great-great-great-great Grandfather

Colonel Michael Nourse, 1778-1860

Born September 1, 1778 in Frederick Co., VA
Died December 6, 1860 in Washington, DC

From his obit

In early youth he gave his heart to God, and devoted himself to His service. For fifty-three years he was a ruling elder in the Presbyterian church. The father of a large family, he had the pleasure of hearing three of his sons preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. A man of the strictest integrity, truthful and upright in all his dealings, he commanded in the highest degree the respect and confidence of all who knew him. For fifty-seven years he was connected with the Treasury Department of the United States. Into all the relations of life he carried the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit; but his crowning glory was his faith in Christ and devotedness to his cause. His closing hours were radiant with a light from heaven. Preparation to die had been the prayerful work of his life, and when the pins of the earthly tabernacle began to be removed, and the structure seemed just ready to fall, his soul was kept in perfect peace. His last words were: “Do come, dear Lord Jesus, and take They redeemed servant home.”


Mary Rittenhouse, born September 2, 1779
Married on June 21, 1800 in Washington, DC


Elizabeth, born January 5, 1802 near Washington, DC
John Rittenhouse, born September 1, 1803 near Washington, DC
James Nourse, born April 30, 1805 near Washington, DC
Benjamin Franklin, born April 15, 1807 near Washington, DC
Mary Phillips, born April 12, 1809 near Washington, DC
Sarah Harriet, born January 20, 1811, near Washington, DC
William, born October 23, 1812 near Washington, DC
Anna Josepha, born October 21, 1814 near Washington, DC
Charles Howard, born December 1, 1816 near Washington, DC
Joseph Everett, born April 17, 1819 near Washington, DC
David Boyd, born October 29, 1820 near Washington, DC
Henry Michael, born September 25, 1824 near Washington, DC
NOTE: Michael and Mary had three other children who died unnamed


James Nourse, born July 19, 1731
Sarah Fouace, born 1735

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